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Buy wall shelf

Buying quality wall shelves is easy at Robuust Amsterdam. We assure you of wall shelves that will last for years, because we design and produce our designs in a sustainable way. In addition, our designs are beautiful in a modern and minimalistic interior. Thanks to the sleek design, our wall shelves will create peace and balance in your home.

About Robuust Amsterdam

Robuust Amsterdam is a young Dutch interior label with a focus on design, quality, sustainable materials and local production in the Netherlands. We try to carry the feeling of minimalism through in our interior objects by means of simple geometric shapes, sustainable materials and timeless look. In these ways we want to share awareness that you need very little to live a carefree life.

Our wall shelves

The wall shelves of Robuust Amsterdam are, because of their geometric shape, beautiful in a sleek and modern interior. With our wall shelves you can exhibit your stuff in a minimalist way. The wall shelves are made of high quality steel so you can enjoy them for many years. Besides that you can order these wall shelves through our website, our wall shelves are also available at Fonq and Bijenkorf.

Buy wall shelves at Robuust Amsterdam

You can easily purchase our shelfs through our website. Take a look at our collection and get inspired by our designs. When you have made a choice, you can place the item in the shopping basket with a click on the button and then pay.

The certainties of Robuust Amsterdam

When you buy wall shelves at Robuust Amsterdam, we assure you that they will be delivered to your home within one week if they are in stock. If you do not like the item, you can return it without any obligation. To enjoy your wall shelf as long as possible, we offer a three-year warranty.


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