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Buy a bed frame

Are you interested in buying a bed frame? Robuust Amsterdam assures you a bed frame of high quality. In addition, sustainability is our top priority. Take a look at our collection and discover the different bed frames from Robuust Amsterdam!

Buy a bedframe online

Buy a bed frame online? You can easily do this at Robuust Amsterdam. You can select a bed frame of your choice and order it via our website. The bed frame will then be delivered to your home within four weeks. The bed frame is easy to assemble, but our skilled employees are happy to assist you if you are unable to figure it out.

Afbeelding sfeerbeeld stalen Bedframe °01 + board / hoofdbord in Black / Zwart

What should I pay attention to?

A good night's sleep is important, so it is wise to invest time in choosing a bed frame that suits your needs. We have listed a few tips for you:

1. Think about the style

It is wise to think about what style you want to reflect in your bedroom and then coordinate this with your bed frame. In addition, getting a new bed is also an excellent opportunity to tackle and restyle the bedroom!

2. Additional parts

Be critical and find out what you need. For example, do you have quite a lot of stuff? Then bed drawers could be a solution for you. Check the options for the bed frame you have chosen. Robust Amsterdam offers extras such as a headboard and bed drawers to further expand your bed.

3. Orient on the internet

The internet is full of information to help you make a choice among the variety of bed frames available.

4. Let us advise you

In addition to the internet, a skilled person can also tell you a lot about the properties of bed frames and advise you on it. Our professionals are happy to answer your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

5. Take waiting time into account

Sometimes waiting times can be very long, which is not always pleasant if you need a bed as soon as possible. At Robuust Amsterdam you can expect a delivery time of three to four weeks if the bed frame of your choice is in stock.

Afbeelding close-up nachtkastje nachtplankje Bedframe °01 / °02 + stands White / Wit Robuust Amsterdam

Which size bed frame to buy

Bed frames come in different sizes. The most important thing is that you look for a bed frame size that suits you and which ensures peace and balance in your bedroom. The correct dimensions of your bed depend on your height and build. For the length, it is advisable to choose a bed that is 20 cm longer than your height. As for the width, it depends on your build and shoulder width. For double beds, 160 cm and 180 cm are the most common widths. Besides the fact that you have to take your body into account, there are also practical matters that you have to think about, such as where the bed will be placed.

The bed frame sizes of Robuust Amsterdam

At Robuust Amsterdam we offer a variety of sizes. Feel free to take a look at our collection which bed frame size best suits your bedroom. You can also choose a black or white version. If you would like to obtain advice before making a choice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Buy a bed frame at Robuust Amsterdam

When you choose a bed frame from Robuust Amsterdam, you buy a bed frame of high quality that lasts a long time due to the durable materials that are used. In addition, there are options to further supplement your bed with a headboard or bed drawers. If you are interested in this, take a look at our collection of different bed frames.

The certainties of Robuust Amsterdam

At Robuust Amsterdam you are assured of a high-quality bed frame that is designed and produced in a sustainable way. Because of the clean lines, a bed frame from Robust Amsterdam fits very well in a minimalist lifestyle and provides atmosphere in the bedroom. The steel is finished with a matte coating which is also scratch resistant so that you can enjoy it as long as possible.


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