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We all become more and more aware that sustainability matters for our planet and society. As designers we feel responsible to contribute to this and that's why we have developed a sustainability strategy on the following points.

We believe our designs are timeless and durable. From the first sketch to the final product our goal is to make them last for a lifetime. All our products are designed to be easy assembled and disassembled, so any specific part can be easily replaced if needed. This also makes our items really suitable for recycling and refurbishing.

Timeless and durable design

We select our materials based on quality, lifespan and recyclability. Currently we mainly use metals for our designs because of strong character, durability and it’s made of 80% recycled metal. The other material we use is bamboo, the fastest growing plant on earth. The bamboo we use is CO2 neutral and is FSC-certified.

Sustainable materials

Our suppliers are based in the Netherlands, which means the transport is kept to a minimum and work circumstances are in line with Dutch standards. An additional advantage is that we are closely and personally involved with the proces. This is why we can monitor quality and working conditions. Due to solar panels, our supplier is fully self-sufficient regarding the energy that is required for production.

Advanced yet traditional techniques

All our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable. We try to avoid excess material as much as possible. For our packaging materials we either use recycled fibers, FSC certified paper or PEFC chain custody certified.


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