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A mirror is an item to look at yourself, but it is also a useful interior object that creates more space in your home through reflection. With the design mirror of Robuust Amsterdam you can have a timeless design in your hands. This mirror fits perfectly in a modern and minimalistic interior because of its round shape, but it is also easy to combine with other interior styles.

Mirrors of Robuust Amsterdam

Our mirrors are of high quality and produced in a sustainable way in the Netherlands. Besides the stylish look, this mirror is also very functional because of the handy little platform made of aluminium with a depth of 8 cm. The total width of the mirror is 54 cm and the total height 53 cm, the mirror itself has a diameter of 50 cm. When you buy a design mirror of Robuust Amsterdam, you can choose between four different colours: black, white, green and brown.

Buy a round mirror

By using a geometric shape in the design, it gives the mirror a sleek and timeless character. You can easily buy a round design mirror of Robuust Amsterdam through our website.


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