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Bed frames

When it comes to comfort, a bed frame needs a strong metal frame for stability and durability. At Robuust Amsterdam, we have incorporated these features into our design, resulting in a simple and sleek appearance. The integrated slatted base allows air to pass freely under the bed, keeping you cool and the mattress fresh. You simply place a mattress in the bed frame and then dream away on this stylish item.

Fitting bed frames

Are you curious which bed frame will suit you and your bedroom? You can choose between different sizes and styles. If you can't decide for yourself, we would like to discuss the possibilities with you that Robuust Amsterdam has to offer.

Frames in various sizes

Frames come in different sizes. At Robuust Amsterdam we have an extensive collection for you to choose from. If you have specific needs, you can always contact us to see what we can do for you.

Minimalistic look bedroom design

Our love for minimalist interiors is reflected in our bed frames. Bed frames from Robuust Amsterdam compliment your bedroom and will make your bedroom decor a balanced whole through the use of clean, simple lines.

Afbeelding sfeerbeeld stalen Bedframe °01 + board / hoofdbord in Black / Zwart

The bedframes of Robuust Amsterdam

Robuust Amsterdam offers various types of bed frames in different sizes of high quality. The main lines are ' minimalistic bed frames ' and 'Steel bed frames'.

Steel bed frames

Our steel bed frames are known for their modern and minimalist style. This type of bed frame looks great in a sleek and minimalist interior. The bed frame is made entirely of steel which will result in a powerful appearance that will last a long time.

Buy bed frames

Are you planning on buying a bed frame of Robuust Amsterdam? We would like to tell you a bit more about it so you can buy a bed frame that suits your bedroom decor.


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