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Wall shelves

Wall shelves are functional and can be used to decorate your wall in a stylish way. At Robuust Amsterdam you can expect a sleek wall shelf of high quality, ideal for a minimalist interior.

The power of wall shelves

Wall shelves have several features that will work to your advantage. The first and biggest advantage is the functionality. On wall shelves you can easily put your stuff without them being in the way like on a table, ideal when you need some extra storage. In addition, it is a wonderful accessory to fill your wall and exhibit your belongings in a stylish way.

Wall Shelves of Steel

Our steel wall shelves are made of 100% steel and have an extra strong scratch-resistant coating. This metal has a powerful look and because of the simple design it will be nice to use in different styles.

Robuust wall shelves

The design wall shelves of Robuust Amsterdam come in three different colours: black, white and terracotta. These wall shelves can be placed anywhere. Think of the study room, kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom. You can choose what length you want, the available sizes are 40, 60, 90 or 120 cm long. Furthermore, the wall shelf is 10 cm high and 23 cm deep. Mounting the wall shelf will go smoothly with the help of four screws and a spirit level. There are also special snap caps in the same colour as the wall shelf supplied to place over the screws for a clean finish.

Online wall shelves ordering at Robuust Amsterdam

Want to order online wall shelves of high quality? Then you are at Robuust Amsterdam at the right place! When you have made a choice, you can easily place this product in your shopping cart and then checkout. When the desired wall shelf is in stock, we will make sure it will be delivered within one week. In addition, we offer a three-year warranty and you can return the product if it is not what you had in mind.


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