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Bedroom decor

High quality bedroom furnishings. At Robuust Amsterdam we go to the extreme. With us you will find timeless products made of sustainable materials, designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. For the furnishing of the bedroom, we offer essential interior objects that guarantee years of enjoyment. Discover our range of stylish and functional items.

Bedroom design from Robust Amsterdam

The most important element in the bedroom is your bed. Because we believe that you only need a little to enjoy your home with a calm feeling, you will find minimalistic bed frames that are timeless and will look perfect in your bedroom. Yet your bedroom is more than just your bed. It is a place where you look forward to the day in the morning and wave goodbye to the evening in the evening. We understand that and offer bedroom furnishings that allow you to make your bedroom your own. Are you curious? Be inspired by our bed frames, headboards, bed drawers and night shelves, in other words all the essentials for your bedroom.

Bed frames

Modern and minimalist. These are the two important features that distinguish our bed frames from all others. Clean, simple lines provide a modern touch and with the optional parts you can design your own bed completely according to your choice. View the entire collection and discover the possibilities for your bedroom.


Already have a bed frame in mind? Then you can choose to extend the bed by adding a headboard. The headboards give the bed just an extra touch and can be used on all bed frames. This way you can complete your bedroom decor. Take a look at our bed frames with headboards and experience for yourself what this addition does for your bedroom.

Bed drawers

Storage space always comes in handy. The surface under a bed offers enough space to store things and it would be a shame not to use it. That is why it is also possible to purchase bed drawers with the bed frame at Robuust. By choosing bed drawers you can easily store your belongings and it also looks stylish. Moreover, you do not have to purchase additional interior objects and you make a conscious, sustainable decision.

Night boards

Give your bedroom a face by dressing it up with accessories. Night shelves give you the opportunity to stylishly style these accessories. At Robuust you will find steel night shelves with which you can present and collect your accessories in a minimalistic way.

Bedroom decor in multiple styles

The minimalist design of our items ensures that they can be combined with every possible style. Whether you like a lot of color in the bedroom or prefer a monotonous color palette, Robuust products form the basis for every bedroom. steel bed frame , for example, offers countless combination options and is therefore suitable for multiple styles. This way you can arrange the bedroom exactly as you wish. Are you still not sure whether our bedroom design will do justice to you? Then don't hesitate to contact us. In addition to stylish designs, we are also brimming with inspiration, which we are happy to share with you!

Minimalist bedroom decor

Do you like a simple, sleek interior? Then our products for the bedroom are perfect for you. The material, colors and shapes of our interior objects give your bedroom a minimalist look. Thanks to the durable quality design you don't need much more than the essentials and you quickly get the feeling of satisfaction. Of course it is possible to add other accessories from the base, so that your bedroom is completely furnished according to your wishes.

Afbeelding lattenbodem stalen hemelbed Bedframe °02 Black / Zwart Robuust Amsterdam

Robust Amsterdam: furnishing for every bedroom

The size of the bedroom is not important in our bedroom decor. You can contact us for the furnishing of a large room, but also if you have less square meters at your disposal. Our timeless items ensure that the bedroom becomes a pleasant place to spend time, no matter how big the room is. This way you don't have to buy new items as often and you deal with our planet in a conscious way. In short, at Robuust you can go for a sustainable design for every room.

Buy bedroom decor online

Through our webshop it is possible to purchase the furnishings for your bedroom online. This may be a new experience, which is why our employees are happy to talk to you via chat. You will receive an immediate answer to all your questions about our products and bedroom furnishings. This makes buying interior objects for the bedroom online a simple and pleasant experience. So buy a bedframe today at Robuust Amsterdam


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