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The story about the design

''It all started with a minimalist table frame. Because it was difficult to deliver this frame through small Amsterdam staircases, we developed a robust system that is completely modular and can be shipped flat pack.
We got the question from a customer if we could design a bed frame. We transformed the frame and added slats, and Bedframe °01 was born. After a while another customer inspired us with the question if we could make it into a canopy edition, so we designed the Bedframe °02. Now we are constantly thinking about new add-ons to upgrade your bed frame''.

Bedframe °01

The first bedframe we ever made was for Dutch tv-host Sander Schimmelpenninck. He asked us if we could design a couple of minimalist bedframes for his appartments in Hvar, Croatia. After they were delivered and installed he invited us to test the bedframes ourselves. Something we couldn't say no to...


Bedframe °02

We came up wtih de canopy bed design because of interior blogger Chantal. She came up with the idea to extend the bed and add a spatial frame. We were immediately fan of this idea and so we made the first Bedframe 02.


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