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Design mirror

Our design mirrors can be described in three words: beautiful, minimalistic and round. The geometric shape gives the mirror a sleek and timeless look. In addition, this mirror is functional due to the handy platform. All in all a real eye catcher for your home.

Round design mirrors of Robuust Amsterdam

The design mirrors of Robuust Amsterdam stand for beauty in a round shape and in a minimalist way. In addition, the mirror is also functional thanks to the small aluminium platform that is ideal for placing your products or possessions on. With us you are assured of a stylish mirror of high quality. The back plate of the mirror is made entirely of aluminium and has a strong scratch-resistant coating. The diameter of the mirror is 50 cm with an overall width of 54 cm and an overall height of 53 cm. The depth of the platform is 8 cm. You can choose between four different colours: black, white, green and brown.

Where you can place our design mirrors

Our design mirrors can easily be mounted on the wall in any room of your house. Think for example of the hall, bathroom or bedroom. The mirror will create an atmosphere and is also functional because of its small platform. Ideal to place a nice accessory on in your living room or to put your care products in the bathroom. Complete your home with this stylish and minimalistic design of Robuust Amsterdam!

Order your design mirror at Robuust Amsterdam

Do you want to buy a mirror designed for a modern and minimalistic interior? Then you should buy Robuust designed mirrors. Our mirrors are produced in a sustainable way and are high quality. So order your mirror today!


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