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About us

We are Robuust Amsterdam - a Dutch interior label that designs timeless essentials for modern living and home comfort.
We are a new-generation of curious designers creating aesthetic and functional interior objects in their most simple forms; minimalist and geometric shapes and circular materials. Working with the best local manufacturers we make future-proof products that are made to last.


Robuust Amsterdam was founded in 2018 by Industrial Designers Job Althof and Niek Sanders who share a passion for creating beautiful things. ''It all started with a table for a friend, soon many more interior items were made''. During their studies Product Design, they started the company in Amsterdam, what has now evolved into an multidisciplinair interior label.
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We believe that being surrounded only by essentials that you really like or need, allows you to enjoy your home with a sense of balance and calm. Reinforcing an awareness that you can feel good and live carefree with only a little. Buying fewer things allows you to invest more in quality products that bring this feeling of satisfaction, and gives the freedom to be more mindful of the future of our society and planet. We try to reflect this feeling of minimalism in our designs through simple geometric shapes, long lasting materials and a timeless presence.

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Our mission is to design quality products that will last for generations. We carefully consider packaging, maintenance, replaceable parts and product recycling, as we always work to extend the lifetime of each product. We are inspired by both the old and the new; analogue traditions and digital technologies. We collaborate with the best sustainable and energy self-sufficient producers in the Netherlands, who prioritize the reuse of resources such as heat and water during production. Something to be proud of.

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