Being Development

In collaboration with interior architect Dorien Knegt we made this beautiful office interior become real. Being Development can have their meetings in style.

Tailored storage

We designed this walnut wall-cabinet for the kitchen of Enrico. To create unity in this part of the house we’ve also replaced all kitchen fronts with walnut. In the center of the cabinet is a buffet area with built-in-lighting. On the left is an open box-area with lighting to use as a beautiful showcase space. A custom light bar is placed above the cabinet to illuminate the entire cupboard.

The perfect kitchen

This custom-made kitchen was designed for Michel. The kitchen is fully made out of solid bamboo and a granite worktop. The cabinet with it’s open frame of steel in combination with the bamboo gives it a spacious and sophisticated overall-look.  

Wonderfull wardrobe

A wardrobe for Geraldine Kemper, entirely made of solid bamboo in combination with a white powder coated steel frame. Enough space to store all her belongings and hang up her clothing neatly. For the early mornings and late evenings we’ve installed dimmable lighting in every compartment.

Big bamboo wardrobe

For Romy Boomsma we designed her dream wardrobe made out of solid bamboo in combination with a steel frame. Because it’s over 3 meters in height it contains lots of hanging space for all her beautiful dresses. There’s even some room left for her husband’s clothes, Arie Boomsma.